Saturday, January 9, 2010

Southern Blizzard Soup

We really don't know what to do around here when it snows. I would like to say that we all sit around the fire and drink hot chocolate for hours while reading the Bible and classic novels but sadly that is not the truth. Oh we do a small amount of reading and watching TV Land but mostly we just get on each others nerves! Sorry if that kills your Rockwell image of a pastors home but it is what it is. Last night we played Trivial Pursuit for about 2 hours and it almost ended in blood shed when Tyler smacked Adam in the face with a T-shirt but other than that it was all very heart warming.
The one thing that seems to save our sanity is food. We southerners know how to hunker down in the face of a blizzard. We understand that going to the Krogers and buying enough groceries for a month is a rite of passage in these parts and we take that responsibility very seriously. So in the spirit of Carolyn Ingalls I did my duty and bought a mountain of food which in the course of approx. 48 hours is almost gone. Doritos...gone. Cookies...gone. Ice Cream...gone. All the good stuff required for surviving the one and one half inch of snow, gone. So today they will all be forced to eat soup. That's right. VEGETABLE SOUP! But don't kid yourself into thinking I grew a cotton pickin' one of the veggies. Kroger did a good job of that for me and was even nice enough to put it all in cans! Go Figure! So here it is, the soup that will save the day. A soup that Carolyn Ingalls could only WISH she could have made while Pa was clinging to a rope tied between the house and the barn as he braved the BLIZZARD of the century to save "Half-Pint" from freezing to death in the winter storm!

Southern Blizzard Soup:
Brown one pound of ground beef along with one small chopped onion, drain.
Add one can of Veg-All, two cans of tomato soup followed by two cans of water.
Throw in one can of pork n beans and a can of corn. I usualy use Mexi-Corn. Cut up about two or three potatoes and throw em' in the pot. The next step is for those who want an extra added kick and could care less about the potential for heartburn. Ready..... add approx. half a can of Ro-Tel. Let the whole thing simmer until the potatoes are done. Grab some saltines,and rise up and call your self blessed. This soup is enjoyed most while watching hour of mindless television!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Adam's going to India and I am not going to cry about it...

Last night all five of us climbed into the mini-van in order to go shopping for Adam's upcoming trip to India. It seems that he will not be able to check any luggage so he needed a big backpack that he will carry on the plane. I don't think they make backpacks big enough for all the stuff I think he should take. For example, crackers. Of every variety including animal. My eldest has the palatte of a three year old so somehow I don't think that he is going to pack away much Indian food.He told us last night that he had actually tried to eat some rice this week and it was just awful!I don't think he is going to find a McDonalds in Calcutta and even if he did I am not so sure he should eat there!!!

Also, he is going to need to pack his little sister. The two of them have the most interesting relationship. He is fiercly protective and she is fiercly independant. They lock horns quite a bit but when push comes to shove they have got each others back. When we dropped Adam off at his college for the first time, it was Jamie who sobbed right along with me. I have a feeling she will miss him as much as I will.

Tonight we are having an early Thanksgiving dinner with Adam so he doesn't miss out on the fun. I promise you there will be more carbs than you can shake a stick at.
It will be hard for Adam to be away on both Thanksgiving AND his birhtday so I want him to get to eat all his favorites before he goes. It will be a pig fest! (I'm not sure they have those in Calcutta either!!)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Singing, Shooting and Swine Flu

I am so glad that it is Friday! This week has been super busy. First, Jamie is singing in high school chorus in a Veterans Day program. There are 5 performances and chances are good that I will be in attendance, with my hand over my heart no less than 5 of those times!Last night it so happened that Tyler was playing in a scrimmage game at the same time Jamie was singing. Lucky for me it all took place in the same building so I got my cardio workout running back and forth from the gym to the auditorium. Tyler had a game high last night with 26 points and he played like a superstar! Jamie was so cute up on that stage singing her little brains out.

Today I have to rescue my home from Satan. It appears his demonic headquarters are in Jamie's room. I have to go in there. Yes I know it is her room and her responsibility, however, she and I do not share the same standard for clean. Plus the fact that I love the child and I don't want her to trip and break her neck falling over some pile of laundry or even worse contract swine flu from the swine that must be hiding in ther somewhere!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pride and Prejudice- I Heart It So!

Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorite movies of ALL TIME. I love it for so many reasons. Here are a few:
1) Even the poor people understood how important it was to love and be skilled at music. That just makes me happy.
2) I love the word "breeches". Or as we would say in the south "britches"
3) Bustles and corsets. Proper undergarments would make this world a better place!
4)Curtsey's. Why did we stop doing that? I think I may take it up again and curtsey when Joel and the kids get home from the football game.
5)Mr. and Mrs. Bennett call each other Mr. and Mrs. Bennett. 'Nough said.
6)The scene during which the sisters giggle under the covers. It reminds me of doing that with one or five of my cousins at one time or another.
7) Classic lines like "If Jane does die, it will be a comfort to know that it was in pursuit of Mr. Bingley."
8) Mr. Darcy
9) also Mr. Darcy
10)Keira Knightley's hair. It should have gotten it's own credits at the end of the movie.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Icky Sicky!!

The flu bug has found its way to my house. This is not a surprise seeing as all of Seymour is busy hacking , coughing, sneezing, and wheezing all while standing in the line at Krogers. Its gross I tell you. I knew it was bound to happen. I thought about grabbing a gun holster and filling it with cans of Lysol and various sizes of Purell bottles and then jumping from behind all the people who transgressed in their coughing by hacking into their hands and then grabbing onto the grocery carts, but I feared that unless I was wearing some sort of bio-hazard jumpsuit then it would just be in vain and I would still get sick. And Arrested. Anyway, all that to say that I am not the one who is sick. It is poor Adam. Fever, coughing, aching and lots of "phlegmy" kinds of sounds! ( I have no idea how to spell "phlemy" but it sounded better than
"juicy"). Does the period go after the parenthesis? Not sure. Nevertheless, say a prayer for the boy. He leaves for India in 5 weeks and has many things to do before then. And I have many things to do before then. Like disinfecting my entire house, all of wal-mart and unsuspecting neighbors.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Join the Crowd (NOT!)

Hey ya'll. If you happened upon this blog in search of a soup recipe you can find it my last post. Just so you know, there are 2 people who read this blog, myself and my oldest and bestest friend Lisa. I write it mostly for myself. It is sort of like talking to myself with no one watching. You are welcome to read all of it or none of it. FYI.. the really cute kids are mine and the dog is mine. The husband, he is mine too. I am keeping them all.