Friday, February 29, 2008

how to half kill yourself without even trying

Step 1: begin th day with a nagging pain in the upper half of your back just under the shoulder blade.

Step 2: Carry a VERY heavy box from the Universtiy of Tennessee Ball Room to the UT parking Garage. (approx. 1/4 of a mile)

Step 3: Gracefully miss a step as you enter the garage, feel pain begin to exaggerate.

Step 4: Ignore pain while focusing on missing soccer cleats, unknown whereabouts of 18 year old son, driving to soccer practice, waiting in the car for 1 1/2 hours, going to soccer uniform fitting and write a $73 check for said uniform.

Step 5: arrive home at 8:30pm after leaving home at 7am. Continue to ignore increasingly worse back pain.

Step 6: wake up at 12 am. Realize you are in the throes of the muscle spasm from HELL

Step 7: Cry...Cry to Jesus...Cry to sleeping husband

Step 8: Move to couch at 1:30 and keep crying.

Step 9: Blog at 3:37 am and wait for daylight and pray for heavy drugs to be in your very near future!

Friday, February 15, 2008

I am so proud

These are the sweetest nuttiest kids in the world. Never mind that Tyler appears drunk, Adam looks like he is dippin' skoal and Jamie... well is just being Jamie!


So glad this week is over. Why is it some weeks seem longer than others! Not that this was a particularly hard week it just seemed to drag on and on. I am propped up in my bed while Joel is at Tylers ballgame, Jamie is at a birthday party and Adam is upstairs on the couch watching a ballgame. Suffice it to say there is nothing on television and even Samson is bored. I COULD be doing everyones laundry but I resigned this week. Well actually Joel resigned me. As my foot was to weak to put down he put down his and told the kids they were on their own. That's right. ON THEIR OWN. The piles had just become too overwhelming and there was really no reason to believe that three active reasonably healthy teenagers could not operate the washer and dryer. No reason at all. Really. At least that is what I'm going with. To be fair, they have each down a load. Jamie actually completed the entire wash, dry and put away cycle. The boys...not so much. I found Tyler's in the dryer and Adam's still in the wash. But let's let the dream live shall we?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It has been forever since I posted. I am aware of this not because of the throngs of people who hound me daily asking for more useless info about our family but because I just took a good look at the calendar. This month has flown by. Just when we thought we had survived sickyville the flu made a stop at our house. And if that wasn't enough Samson has a sports injury. Now people THAT is funny! The laziest dog to ever take up couch space has somehow gotten what the vet refers to as a sports injury to his left back knee. I didn't know dogs had knees and I certainly haven't seen Samson exerting his but nonetheless he is injured. The vet instructed us to "keep him quiet". Right. He has his own doggy mind. Always has, always will. He loves us but mostly he tolerates us. And he is rarely obedient. Only when we ask him if he wants a cookie, will he move from his post and follow us to the kitchen. Amazingly that sounds like our kids!