Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It has been forever since I posted. I am aware of this not because of the throngs of people who hound me daily asking for more useless info about our family but because I just took a good look at the calendar. This month has flown by. Just when we thought we had survived sickyville the flu made a stop at our house. And if that wasn't enough Samson has a sports injury. Now people THAT is funny! The laziest dog to ever take up couch space has somehow gotten what the vet refers to as a sports injury to his left back knee. I didn't know dogs had knees and I certainly haven't seen Samson exerting his but nonetheless he is injured. The vet instructed us to "keep him quiet". Right. He has his own doggy mind. Always has, always will. He loves us but mostly he tolerates us. And he is rarely obedient. Only when we ask him if he wants a cookie, will he move from his post and follow us to the kitchen. Amazingly that sounds like our kids!