Friday, May 30, 2008

I cried some, Oh yes I did...

Well we did it. We graduated Adam from high school and we are none the worse for the wear. Oh it was really emotional alright. I cried for a couple of days every time I even thought about him. I just kept remembering the little boy who use to be. He is not little anymore. He has grown up to be this amazing wonderful young man with tons of potential and a fiery love for Jesus. We are so proud of him! Jamie graduated from 8th grade last night. It is mandatory of course that any high profile 8th grade event be followed by dinner out so we went to Cracker Barrell. Oh yes sir we did. I consumed enough carbs to clog the atereries of a Sumu wrestler and so did Jamie. My child ordered french toast with a side of bacon and a side of macaroni and cheese. I almost puked. She ate every bite of it.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adam is graduating...pass the valiuum

We are in full graduation mode. My sweet baby boy is graduating from high school in just a couple of weeks. It is hard to beleive that he is 18 and getting ready to leave home. I am going to require some pretty serious Hallmark movie time in order to purge all the tears out of my system. But don't you worry, they are tears of sadness but they are also tears of great pride. Adam is a pure joy. He has never given us any trouble and has given his whole heart and soul to Jesus. He is very sweet and has a tender heart that will allow him to cry when he is happy or when he is sad. I LOVE THAT!

when kids grow up: Prom 2008

Prom day was crazy. Evidently sometime ago, the powers that be in the Seymour School system began to devise a plot that would result in chaos and mayhem for parents in our tiny community. In some smoky the dark...under the influence of some sort of haalucinegens they decided.. lets have the senior prom and the 8th grade prom on the SAME DAY. (hear evil laughter...)
Well we showed them. We survived and managed to look good. Adam and Ashlee looked so sweet.The boy cleans up pretty good. And Jamie's prom fever that has lasted for 3 months finally came to a beautiful end. Sweet days, sweet memories, precious children.


This is a girl I love. So young and so grown up all in one tiny body. I wish everyone in the world could know her. She is such a good friend, always funny and happy. She makes me cooler than I am and always keeps me on my toes. I never knew that raising a daughter could be so frustratingly glorious.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pomp and Crazy Circumstance

I cannot believe my blogging tardiness. It can only be explained by a life that is in extreme overdrive that refuses to slow down enough for me to gather my thoughts. This past weekend was wonderful. Several months ago Adam was given the lead in his senior high school musical, Little Shop of Horrors. This weekend was show time and He was amazing!!!!! He sang he danced he acted and was downright awesome. I went to all four performances. O yes I did. I have never been so proud of that child. We are in full graduation mode and have lots of things to do over the next 20 days. Parties, trips, baccalauerate, awards night, choir banquet, and a basketball tournament trip to Cinncinatti. Great days. Hard days. Days that are flying by.
Now I have to get ready to go to work with a stop to pick up some Rolaids. You understand I'm sure.