Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol...The way I hear it.

David Archuleta-The Bomb! His rendition of "When you Believe" was pitch perfect!
Carly Smithson- Predictable. I knew from the first where she would go vocally. Could use some Crest Whitening Strips. Lower range at the beginning was shaky. Simon is exactly right.
Syesha Mercado- Why does she look angry? There are HUGE pitch problems! Strong ending however.. the judges won't like it. Paula is struggling to complete a sentence. The gold dress is GORGEOUS!
Brooke White- Ooh I 'm worried. Does she have the chops to pull off a Mariah number? Hero? Here we go... good that she is at the piano. So far so good...the bridge has some pitchyness... she looks terrified..uh-oh stumbling at the piano but she kept going and finished respectably. Meat? Buns? What?
Kristy Lee Cook- I like the semi-country feel she is throwing into the song. It seems to suit her voice. Although the key sounds about a 1/2 step to low.. I liked it. It showed the power in her voice. Country Western?Is that a real category of music? I am not sure. No chills for Simon. I think he is being kind of hard on her.
David Cook- I am not excited. I may be the only person in America who doesn't get him. 10 notes in and I don't like it. He looks like he needs a bath. Yuck. I would not buy his album Randy. He is blowed away that Simon likes it. Maybe I am just to hard to please. O He is crying. Now I like him.
Jason Castro-I refuse to watch. I can't get past the dredlocks.