Friday, July 25, 2008

the sky is falling, the sky is falling..

I am a blogging slug. Quite frankly I have been to busy living my life to write about it. Summer is flying by and pretty soon life will change forever when we move Adam off to school. Please don't send me comments about how Carson Newman is only 45 minutes away and how I should be grateful that he is not moving to Nova Scotia or other parts unknown. I only know these things... his place at the table will be empty more often than not, he won't be laughing with Tyler while they play basketball almost every night, he won't be swigging out of the 2 litre Coke bottle in my kitchen (gross I know !!!) and there won't be hugs every day. I am devastated. But... I am also very very proud. Adam is a wonderful young man who loves the Lord with fiery passion and is committed to becoming what God wants him to be. He wants to live out God's purpose for his life. He is brave and sweet and very talented and I know that he will be fine. He will. Really. I promise. It is just hard to believe that this day is almost here.
But as hard as it is, we look forward with confident expectancy to what the future holds. It is going to be great and you can bet your bottim dollar that whatever Adam is doing I will be there to take a picture of it and brag about it. It is my job. I am his mom.