Friday, November 6, 2009

Singing, Shooting and Swine Flu

I am so glad that it is Friday! This week has been super busy. First, Jamie is singing in high school chorus in a Veterans Day program. There are 5 performances and chances are good that I will be in attendance, with my hand over my heart no less than 5 of those times!Last night it so happened that Tyler was playing in a scrimmage game at the same time Jamie was singing. Lucky for me it all took place in the same building so I got my cardio workout running back and forth from the gym to the auditorium. Tyler had a game high last night with 26 points and he played like a superstar! Jamie was so cute up on that stage singing her little brains out.

Today I have to rescue my home from Satan. It appears his demonic headquarters are in Jamie's room. I have to go in there. Yes I know it is her room and her responsibility, however, she and I do not share the same standard for clean. Plus the fact that I love the child and I don't want her to trip and break her neck falling over some pile of laundry or even worse contract swine flu from the swine that must be hiding in ther somewhere!