Sunday, January 20, 2008

family interviews: part one; tyler speaks

Mom: What makes you happy?
Tyler: church, Christmas and music
Mom: Do you take drugs?
Tyler: No and I don't plan on it.
Mom: What is your favorite Jim Carrey line?
Tyler: "Loser" and "All-Righty Then"
Mom: Chocolate or Vanilla?
Tyler: Chocolate
Mom: What would you buy if you had a million dollars?
Tyler: a new house
Mom: Do the girls think you are sexy?
Tyler: Do cats Meow?
Mom: Which parent is the coolest?
Tyler: Neither
Mom: Ouch!
Mom: Would you kiss a girl for $100?
Tyler: No
Mom: $1000
Tyler: I would randomly go up to someone and kiss them for no reason for $1000 bucks.
Mom: Do you love your sister?
Tyler: Yes, Goodness. As much as I love Samson
Mom : Are you ready for this interview to be over?
Tyler: Yes