Tuesday, January 22, 2008

weather men crack me up

At last something for the weather people to get excited about! Icy conditions have caused Knoxville to come to a screeching halt. The tips we are getting from those in the know are nothing if not hysterical. For example, "Icy conditions may cause you to slide.Please slow down and exercise extreme caution." For the stupid in our viewing area!

I also wonder why journalists have a "redneck radar" when it comes to those on the spot interviews. I mean just because we are in Tennessee do have to hear from everyone wearing camo pants and a John Deere tractor hat. Is there no one out there carrying a Vera Bradley purse with a matching umbrella? Sweet Mercy!

But most importantly this weather event has caused me to realize that I NEED some of those cute little rain boots that I see the fashionistas wearing. The ones with ducks or rainbows or daisy's on them. My sweet friend Charlotte has some and they make her look both cute AND prepared. What could be better I ask you?