Monday, January 21, 2008

family interviews: part two; Here's Jamie

Mom: What is your favorite candy?
Jamie: Reece Cups
Mom: If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world where would it be?
Jamie: California
Mom: To be a superstar?
Jamie:To swim and tan and shop
Mom: all of those things you can do here
Jamie:I want to do it in California instead. Hollywood.
Mom: If you won a million dolars what would you buy first?
Jamie:Like now as a kid, I don't have to pay off any debt or anything? Mmm an island!
Mom: What grosses you out?
Jamie:Open wounds and wrinkly old men
Mom: Ooo Gross. Do you love Adam and Tyler?
Jamie: I love them but I don't always like them. How much longer is this?
Mom: Almost finished. What do you like most about me?
Jamie: Silence
Mom: What do you like most about Dad?
Jamie: Silence
Mom: Is this interview over?
Jamie: I hope so
Mom: One more question. Would you pick your nose in the hallway at school or $100?
Jamie:Probably not
mom: For a $1000
Jamie: YES
Mom: Thanks for playing