Sunday, February 8, 2009

"And on the seventh day the Lord RESTED"?

Really? Like does that happen anymore? 'Cause let me tell you something, Sunday is a work day for this old girl! Most of the time I fall into bed on Sunday evenings exhausted by the events of the day. See if this rings a bell for you:
6:30 am - feet hit the floor and the mad dash for the coffee pot begins. By 7 am I have peeled 3lbs of potatoes, and seasoned the chicken for frying after church. 7:30 and the dishes are done and I have started making the rounds to wake up the people who were sleeping while I was doing dishes! 8am - Jump in the shower ( water is cold because the people who stayed in bed while I did the dishes are now all in the shower at the same time as me!!). Between 8 and 8:45 I dry my hair throw a casserole in the oven and apply approx. 1/2 lb of Bare Minerals. ( The results are nothing short of miraculous!) Grab Bible, Grab children, crate the animals and jump in the car.
After we get to church I prepare my heart for worship by running around like a chicken with her little head chopped off gathering music and looking for members of our Praise Team.

By 9:45 I am leading rehersals and praying mercy over our sweet sound man who bless his heart cannot seem to make us all happy!

Worship begins at 10:30 and I am lookng forward to the sermon as it will allow me to sit for 30 minutes.

After church I hug the necks of friends and strangers alike while running out the door for home to get dinner on the table. By 1:30 we have eaten and the Rev. and I are out the door to the local hospital to see a brand new baby boy and his sweet parents. Then home again. Plan the service for tonight and help with college son's laundry. (Don't even say it!! It is the one thing he still needs me for and I Love IT!)

Church tonight and I am back home in bed and exhausted but get this, I am also RESTED! How does that happen? I think it is because for one whole day I have particiapted in things that are bigger than me. It is a sweet thing to get a family to church on Sunday morning. It is a beautiful thing to raise my voice in the worship of our King. And those necks I hugged, well I love those necks because they are attached to people who are dear to me. It is a precious thing to see my family all around the same table at the same time. And a hospital becomes Holy Ground as you touch the face of a newborn baby and know that his parents are undertaking the most sacred of jobs.

Thank you Lord for the kind of rest that comes from getting our eyes off ourselves for just a little while and setting our hearts on higher things. It is an amazing thing and you are an amazing God!