Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Morning Mercy

Psalm 71: 8
"My mouth is full of praise and honor to you all day long"
I have always been amazed by runners. Not table runners PEOPLE runners. I am talking about the folks who can strap on a pair of Nike's and start to run. And keep running. And keep running... There is just something facinating to me about "the long haul". That is thing that requires focus and concentration and energy and determination. It requires preparation and motivation. For me, that thing that requires all that inner strength and drive is ... MONDAY MORNING! I don't like them and I don't do well. Mine starts way to early and ends way to late. It is the busiest day of my week and I live out my Mondays in a rush of coffee, traffic and emails. So often I run through my marathon Monday, collapse into bed and realize, I lost the race. The God race. I never stopped to praise Him or honor Him even once. Never mind doing it "all day long".
This verse reminds me that God pursues a relationship with us that is living and active. A relationship that invades everything we do and say. All Day Long. So today.....
Lord, may my mouth be full of praise to you while I am in traffic, at my desk and on the phone. My I honor you while I love my children, find their homework and make sure they are fed. May I lift a song to you when I hit my 3pm slump and want to quit in frustration. May I be infused with your Holy Spirit in the most unlikely of places like the laundry room. And when the day is done and my marathon complete, allow me to raise my hand and give you Lord, my running buddy and victory "high five"!